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Jon's Meditation, Mindfulness & Book Downloads 

Jon's meditations, mindfulness, sleep & stress reduction exercises and books are all available for download at a number of websites. Here is a list:
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Jon's Writings & Meditations

Jon has been writing for decades and is now posting all of his writings, meditations and even inspirational posters at:
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Jon's Videos

Jon is now creating videos for meditation, mindfulness as well as lectures and teachings. Subscribe to stay up to date on Jon's new videos. Here is a list of his
YouTube Channels: Follow Jon Shore at YouTube
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Lectures and Teaching Videos
Travel, Nature, Fun & Photography Videos

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Jon Shore Photography

Jon has been a prolific photographer since the late 60s. His latest works are now available for stock, license or purchase. You can see some of his library online at:
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Instagram pages.
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Private Sessions, Lectures & Workshops with Jon

For information about scheduling private sessions with Jon just click here:
Private Sessions
For information on how to schedule Jon for a workshop, lecture or other public appearance just send an email to:

And Jon's work as an empath:
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